Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Airlie Beach

We landed from the barren Outback to lush, beautiful Airlie Beach. After a spending so much time in the Outback gathering material (photos, footage, and information), Airlie has given us a chance to get to work turning it all into our final projects.

The Photography On Assignment group presented their final projects last night. It was a great collection of work, where each student experimented with one theme: The Story Behind Three First Nations People, Alternative Perspectives of Australia, and the Structures of Australia, to name a few. Filmmaking and Wildlife and Conservation students are wrapping up their projects and will share them with the group soon.

When we haven't been working, we've found plenty of time to play: swimming, getting some sun, and taking more photos and footage. We even had our own Australian style barbie, and yesterday we were all given a lesson on how to play a didgeridoo. We did pretty well (and we even learned the basic trick to circular breathing!), and all of us playing together made quite the raucous!

We're loading up for our sailing adventure right now. The weather is beautiful and we're all excited to get in the water. We'll keep you updated on the last part of our adventure!

Bye for now,
Britt, Charles, Patrick and the whole crew